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Candidum  Enzyme Design

Candidum generates custom enzyme solutions with an emphasis on reducing complexity and improving predictability by integrating computational design into the enzyme development process.

Aminoverse’s CRO services combine enzyme wet lab expertise with in silico design boosted by its recently launched proprietary AI technologies “EnzyMAP” and “EnzyREC”.


For over 16 years ChiralVision has designed, developed and scaled-up hundreds of immobilized enzyme processes for all thinkable markets.


Enzymicals  has created a customer-oriented industrial platform for process development and piloting of chemo-biocatalytic synthetic routes for high-quality fine chemicals.

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The Enzyme Technology Alliance brings tailor-made enzyme solutions to the market from a single contact point.

The independent partners jointly tackle complex development projects spanning from enzyme discovery and engineering to immobilization, process intensification and scale-up.

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